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On some servers if you don't log in within a certain time limit, say 30 days, the players stats and items are wiped from the database...This includes flag ownership.     Our group had this very thing happen.    The active player who originally planted the flag just stopped playing.   Everyone on the flag was promoted and could maintain and upgrade the base; but after 30 days the flag and base vanished when the original owner never logged in.

It would be nice to have a way to transfer the flag ownership to another player on the flag.    If there is a way to do this, i haven't found it anywhere.

I notice I also have a "kick" option for the original flag owner in the UI.   What actually happens if I kick the original flag owner, will the base despawn?

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The server you play on must delete the accounts of people who haven't logged on in 30 days, it's not really necessary to do that as you could have 1000s of accounts in the database and it wouldn't make any difference.

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Never tried the kick option but I believe it passed ownership to the second person or highest in command. (Not tested or confirmed)

A server owner can change ownership through the database :) but having this built into Exile would be a nice option

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