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I've had a quick scan through the forums, tons of posts about script restriction kicks etc from battleye. This is part of my problem, although I know how to fix it so that's not really an issue.

The issue I have (and please don't think I'm being rude) is that I've just setup a completely vanilla server, no mods other than exile. Running on centOS 7.

You cannot join the server without battleye kicking you. I've copied over all the required files but it still kicks. I spent well over an hour last night with a friend adding in the filters for every kick we were getting but after finally hitting the end of the script restrictions, we're now onto publicvariables. Surely this can't be right that we have to add all these filters manually on a vanilla exile server?

From past experience of running multiple Epoch servers (original ArmA 2), they used to provide a current and complete set of battleye filters as default with the server builds so you could literally build and run and players could connect without any fuss.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this? If this is the case and I need to run through all the kicks manually then I guess I'll just have to do it but if I've missed something and there is in fact a set of battleye filters available then please let me know.


Thanks in advance!


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