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deleted exile_client ?


so this is not my problem my friend has been trying to join arma 3 exile servers through a3 launcher and he gets the problem you cant play/ edit this mission blah blah because of deleted content exile_client and to clarify he does have exile and it is up to date he has done a clean install of arma and exile and has gone as far as to download every mod from arma 3 launcher so i dont understand why he cannot join a server thanks for the help :) i do have a screen shot he has taken of the exact error message the mod is downloaded from a3 launcher and is is up to date and verified through a3 launcher 


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dont know how to reply to people :(

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When someone has this kind of error, this means that the client is connecting with missing mods. "It is dependant on downloadable content" meaning that the mission REQUIRES you to have that to join, but the server is not recognising it.

- Ensure the source you downloaded Exile from is correct and up to date

- Ensure he has the mod loaded properly

- Ensure the mod is not corrupt or missing parts.

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