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"Memory could not be written" error.


Hello Devs! First of I would like to say that you are doing a good job! 

After suffering from this "Memory read/written" error (see picture) It sometimes said that memory could not be read, but unfortunately I dont have any screenshot of it. My solution to fix it temporary was to download the "dev branch" and "roll it back" to normal Arma 3. Then it works untill I close arma 3 and try to join a Exile server again. 
My friend with the exact same specs as me also had this error. His solution was to just enter normal Arma and change the view distances to 12.000 and 800. And that 800 option sometimes changed to a random number. But then it worked for him. This did not work for me, and my solution did not work for him. 
Another solution I found on the internet is that you have to create a new user on windows and then it should be fine because it have something to do with profiles. I did not understand that, so I just use my "devbranch" fix, but that takes about 15 mins of downloading. It does not help to just verify files.
I also heard about that "Alt+tab" while loading, but that dont help me.

I never get this error playing without mods on different missions like king of the hill and Altis life. I have also played a few other Arma 3 life, and don't get that error. 

After talking with a helpful guy on Arma 3 discord, which is a veteran in the community he said that the error could be caused by that when you join an exile server, you skip lobby feature. So he ment that the lobby feature was the "root to the evil". 

I also tried Perf Build v10. without results. 

Do you know why so many of us get this error? And everyone have a different fix? 


Arma 3 fail WRITTEN.PNG

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