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Spawning problems on CUP Terrains maps


Not wanting to trample all over this thread:  

...but I have a very similar issue whereby players spawn into an Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer position on the map (as they should) but their character never loads from the DB and they never progress from just staring at the grass, stuck in that spot.  If you suicide at that point you'll find that you can respawn directly into your character at its last saved point in the database.  So everything does technically 'work' just not as intended.

I've done testing.  It doesn't matter if the database is local or remote, the problem persists.  In fact, doesn't appear to be a database issue at all.  (I know there is an issue whereby player sessions hang on, "creating bambi character," because the server cant connect to the DB or because the DB has strict mode enabled but this is a different problem.)

This issue occurs *much* more frequently on the smaller islands of the CUP Terrains mod.  I get it 70% of the time on Everon and almost 100% of the time on Utes but I see it very rarely on Chernarus or Sahrani.  Could it be some kind of timing/race condition whereby the smaller maps load too quickly for the other server processes?  Whenever the problem happens, suiciding and respawning allow players to get their character from the DB and spawn normally (video attached below.)

I've spent a lot of time with Arma and Exile at this point and I've been very methodical in my troubleshooting but I'm out of ideas.  Please help me, Exile gurus.


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