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FPS in the city...


Я пишу через переводчик...

Я заметил, что при входе / въезде в город ФПС падает в 2-3 раза

Также протестирован на различных серверах.

Скажите, возможно ли исправить это.

Заранее спасибо


это не только мне, но и всем игрокам

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Why did you translate into Russian? The best thing you could have done is translated it into English.

You can't fix FPS issues with big towns, this is Arma we're talking about. I also don't know why you're posting this on the Exile forums when it's nothing to do with Exile? People will reduced FPS in towns because there's so many objects there. It happens to the best of us with good PCs. There's a possibility you or the server owner added something else to those big towns to make it worse, but you really didn't provide much info on this post. 


Используйте Google Translate , если вы не знаете, что я сказал ,

Ispol'zuyte Google Translate , yesli vy ne znayete, chto ya skazal ,

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