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Hey there,

Currently I feel like the mod is lacking many combat features. If you get shot at in Arma 3.. There's two things that can happen, you either die or they miss. There's no "I got hit but I survived" feature.

In the good old arma 2 days people could actually be knocked out when a bullet hit them in the chest or their legs would be broken if they got hit in the leg. Getting hit by a bullet would make your character bleed so you had to bandage before actually continuing to run.

I feel like these mechanics are lacking in arma 3 exile. You can break your legs but fixing it is as simple as just getting above 50% health. Also, you ALWAYS break your legs when you get hit. Even when you get hit in the chest. If a gun hits you in the chest and you have armor.. Your character should be knocked out instead of just continuing to run.

If these features would be added to the game. They would make the game a lot better. 

Please give your opinions about this so the devs can start adding these features.



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I feel like this should be in feature wishes not here.

Yes, they were great, but just so you know:

Exile has it's own damage handling (which you can change, so players take less damage)

All of the features you listed are arma related not mod related. This is why I think a revamped medical system would be more of a feature wish. Plenty of people have already posted about being able to use mods like ace and a different medical system in Exile.

These changes would be great, though.

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I'm in the process of re-writing my project from the ground up as the proof of concept I hammered together has out grown the scope of the parts used to test it.

I have a working prototype that as full advanced ACE medical system database persistence as a core feature, But the mod is some way off any public release.

If you interested there is info on about the proof of concept here: but is no longer maintained. 

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43 minutes ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

You can already bleed out in Exile. I've had it happen to me. 

Can confirm. I've been hit by AI more than enough times to verify that if a certain caliber hits you, it can cause you to bleed out and die. Gotta be quick with those InstaDocs.

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6 hours ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

You can already bleed out in Exile. I've had it happen to me. 

Just an FYI.

Without modification, the standard EXILE damage handler is "Blank"

The only way you can bleed to death without modified files is anything AI / player related that will setBleedingRemaining (or make you bleed via ARMA 3's standard bleeding functions) 

IF the command "isBleeding" returns true -

For some reason, isBleeding, is in the same check as when your hunger and thirst are 0% see here

ExileClient_object_player_stats_update -- Note the variable ExileClientPlayerIsBleeding, is simply a boolean from the above command, isBleeding player.

Attribtes select 2 and 3 are hunger and thirst.

if ((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2) == 0 || (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3) == 0 || ExileClientPlayerIsBleeding) then
	ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [0, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 0) - ExileClientHealthDecay * _timeElapsed) min 100) max 0)];

Player vs Player damage, will not cause you to bleed.

Typically, fall damage, vehicular damage (crashing etc) will cause your player to return isBleeding as true, thus you bleed out.

If you want a very very very very very  simple way of making players bleed when shot by other players / AI. Do the following

Find and overwrite this file -


with the following code

 * Exile Mod
 * © 2015 Exile Mod Team
 * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. 
 * To view a copy of this license, visit
_unit             = _this select 0;
_selectionName    = _this select 1;
_amountOfDamage   = _this select 2;
_sourceOfDamage   = _this select 3;
_typeOfProjectile = _this select 4;

if (_typeOfProjectile == "") then
	if !(vehicle player != player) then 
		player setBleedingRemaining 90;

This will make players bleed for 90 seconds, if they are shot.

Then, inside your config.cpp

Adjust the hunger and thirst decay rates, because as mentioned above, the rate at which you bleed (without modifcation) is the exact same rate at which you die when you are at 0% hunger or thirst.

Adjust the healthDecay

class CfgPlayer 
	// In minutes ammount of time it takes to go from 100 - 0 if stationary
	hungerDecay = 120;
	thirstDecay = 110;

	// Damage taken from 0 (health||thirst)/sec
	healthDecay = 0.5;

Things to note -

If you do this and a player dies from bleeding out, the player who initiated the contact and damaged the victim WILL NOT GET KILL CREDIT when he bleeds to death. Infact, the victim will from memory have committed suicide because of many reasons I cant be bothered explaining.

There is a fix for this, and if I have time I might release it. In the mean time, do the above if you want.



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Would be interesting to, instead of dying out of thirst/hunger fainting (think DayZMod) and waking up again but with longer intervals and with more and more dizziness/blur until you die. So there's some form of progression instead of life -> death.


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