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Hey guys, maybe one of you guys could help me?  im having issues adding aircraft to the ambient flyover coding. anyone able to help? heres the section ove edited, parts before and after are unchanged. thanks in advanced :D

_flyHeight = 125;
_speed = 210;
_direction = random 360;
_targetPosition = 
    (getPos _targetPlayer) select 0, 
    (getPos _targetPlayer) select 1, 
_distance = worldSize * 0.75;
_endPosition = 
    (_targetPosition select 0) - (sin _direction) * _distance,
    (_targetPosition select 1) - (cos _direction) * _distance,
_planeClass = selectRandom 
for "_i" from 1 to (1 + (floor (random 6))) do 
    _distance = 4000 + (_i * 400);
    _startPosition = 

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