Get more PopTabs for player inventory? need help

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Hello guys,

i got a problem / question...

i set up a military server (HellsKitchen) and i got there some vehicles that i want to cost around 80-999k,

my problem is i got no idea how i can set up the maximum amount of poptabs that a player can carry. (atm seems to be 99990 poptabs

I know where i can define the locker but havent found any place in my mission.pbo or server_config.pbo where i can change the players one.


Someone got any idea? or maybe a script for that?


PS: hope i didnt post it in the wrong section.. (search function used but havent found smth)

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There is no cap on how much tabs a player can have. I believe the 99990 your talking about shows at the bottom when you open your inventory. If you look inside your XM8  it will show your total amount of tabs. I currently have over 10 million on one of my servers, so I know there isn't a cap.

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