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Greetings, Fam.

On my small private family server (Exile Australia), I am currently using DMS, DMS Occupation and A3XAI (Each has its own role). I know most people steer clear of using Triggers because of the hit on server performance, but I would like to know if anyone can tell me where I could find information about creating AI Reinforcement Triggers. Specifically, If I have a Building in my custom Sector B, and players infiltrate that building, AI ground reinforcements should be incoming from position X. Does anyone know where I could possibly find info on this, or even better, is there a way I could reverse-engineer or mod a current script inside the aforementioned AI mods that would do exactly this? Or maybe something inside ZCP Capture? I love thinking outside the box and being creative, but I think I might need some help on this one. Thanks guys! :) 

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ONE way is to put a marker in that building and have the script poll the player -> building distance.  When the range 'is right', then run your reinforcement script.


This is how it is done 'now' as opposed to using triggers as it was done in the 'old days'.


It is simple ' cartesian coordinates math '.  See HERE


Or an example from ARMA scripting HERE,


It is some work, but it is the best way to do it and you can 'time' how often the check is made too.


Good luck to ya!





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