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Logging in issue on my server?


I've got a new server set up. I'm seeing around 10 people a night trying to log in but they all are all disconnecting immediately (I'm seeing them in the chat window logging and then I see the hourglass icon and then disconnected). I'm curious as to why they are dropping. The few friends I know personally who play on the server are getting in just fine. I'm not fishing for people to join and play, I just would like to know what message any of you get when trying to connect and then get disconnected. My hosting company says they can't tell either why I'm having this issue. If you already have the necessary map & mods, and wouldn't mind trying to connect (you don't have to stay on as I'm just problem solving a possible issue) I'd really appreciate it. If you get booted/drop, could you please reply back with what message you're getting?

If anyone knows or has seen this before and can help me solve the issue, please let me know too.

Server Name: Battle Pandemic
Port: 2402

ASDG Joint Rails
RZ Infection
CUP Terrain-Core


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