BEC and BEServer.dll issue

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Hello there, i'm hoping someone can help with this issue

We have BEC setup on the server to do VIP slots and everything was working grand until I noticed the slot limit being more than I set in BEC and also noticed it not showing the correct welcome message for VIP  members when logging in

I looked and looked at all the config files and couldn't see anything wrong and found it very weird as the files hadn't been updated, so why was BEC and slot limit not working!!!!

Long story short I noticed the BEServer.dll file had changed, the next file size is 284KB and the old one was 282KB (Sorry I don't know the version numbers as it doesn't say on the DLL)

BEC works fine using the old DLL, but BE keeps updating the DLL to the latest

Is there a way to stop the update and should this be reported to BE? or is this a known issue?


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