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Removing Radiation Zone - Having issues

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Hi, I'm trying to remove a radiation zone from my server, but I'm having issues doing so. I've disabled the actual Radiation in the area so players can enter without a gas mask, but I can't remove the radiation zone marker and icon. I followed this thread (Here) but it doesn't work.

If I change

drawBorder = 1; to drawBorder = 0; - The radiation zone is still in place.

Also, if I remove the entry for the icon marker:

class Item42
	        dataType = "Marker";
	        position[] = {2901.51, 0, 12333.8};
	        name = "ExileMarker42";
	        text = "";
	        type = "ExileContaminatedZoneIcon";
	        id = 142;
	        atlOffset = 0;

Completely removing it and changing all other item numbers to follow suit, it just creates a minidump :(

So I'm at a bit of a loss, I'm really new to this so I'm hoping someone with better knowledge than me can tell me what I'm doing wrong please.

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