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Hi all.

After adding warsheep's custom vehicle spawn script I chose to go through all the vehicles to setup to vehiclespawns to my liking.

I have no real coding experience and usually just try to follow my logic when editing and adding features on my server.

To find all variants of the stock exile vehicles I went to \mpmissions\exile.Tanoa\config.ccp and found all the vehiclenames from the "class CfgExileArsenal" section. I believe this represents the objects available at the traders.

I then compared these names with the ones noted in the "class CfgVehicleCustoms" section (which, to my knowledge, is the skins available at the vehicle customs trader). 

When adding vehicles to the spawn list I usually just add the name e.g. "Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed" to enable the possibility for a dark red offroad to spawn.

My question is whether it is possible to spawn those custom colors only found in the "class CfgVehicleCustoms" section. e.g.


            {"Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed",        700, "Exile Black", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Offroad_Black_co.paa"};},
            {"Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed",        700, "Exile Light Blue", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Offroad_LightBlue_co.paa"};},
            {"Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed",        700, "Exile Orange",{"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Offroad_Orange_co.paa"};},
            {"Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed",        700, "Exile Pink",    {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Offroad_Pink_co.paa"};},
            {"Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed",        700, "Exile White",    {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Offroad_White_co.paa"};},
            {"Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed",        700, "Exile Yellow",{"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Offroad_Yellow_co.paa"};}

Using my usual method I would just add "Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed" to the spawnlist but is it possible to make sure that it actually is  e.g. the "Exile Pink" version of the "Exile_Car_Offroad_DarkRed" the server spawns?

I mean, who wouldn't be excited to find a pink car in the middle of the jungle?


Sorry for my lousy english and thanks in advance.



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