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Seeking help with advertising, community staff

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We have just launched our Exile Dariyah server and I'm interested in recruiting some help with advertisement of the server, and possibly more depending on what you may be interested in. We have a couple ideas for some video promotion directed toward my small YouTube channel of 148 subscribers, and we'll need some players to help us in-game in order to do so. Beyond that, I am open to all suggestions, as we don't have many more ideas regarding how/where to advertise it.

As far as I know we are the first and only server to run Exile on G.O.S. Dariyah, so of course the map isn't very popular. However the frames per second possible on even very low-end hardware is impossible to ignore and players are very surprised when they see it. We also have an excellent selection of mods and scripts focused on base raiding, and easing the movement of loot, with things like crate loading and heli lifting. Plenty of great features that we'd like to advertise in the best way possible.

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