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Hello all,

I have recently taken over the Para-UK server and am doing some work on it to upgrade and make some changes. With this new title, I am in need of a person to fill in the position I was once in. This position answers to myself only. With this position comes these following tasks:

1: Supervise current admins

2: Make executive decisions(final decision) in a dispute

3: Maintain activity on forums concerning players issues

4: Maintain issues from within server

5: Maintain issues within TeamSpeak server

I'd like this individual to of mature age-ish, anywhere 18+ please and able to make mature decisions. Thank you all for your time and consideration. If you're interested please apply at the Para-UK website(please make an account so I can decipher who put in the application) or send me a message here(or respond here).

Thanks again! (Sorry for my bad English, I'm American)

-Alpha(Co-Owner, Para-UK Military Esseker, Admin Para-UK Tanoa Survival)

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