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Looking for help, even in the way of paying someone to create this ability if necessary (call it a donation if you prefer). I will also shout this out to VEMF Reloaded's creator @IT07 and Exile Occupation's creator @second_coming if they are interested in adding this option to their pre-existing add ons.

I am looking for a script (if it already exists) that allows me to customize a very specific AI patrol. Here is a BASIC, yet specific example:

I want one AI soldier to start at coords (12345,12345,12) and patrol at normal speed (walking) in a weapon-down fashion (behavior "safe"?) to coords (12350,12350,12). He will pause there for a 10 seconds, then return to position one. Pausing there for 10 seconds, and the cycle repeats indefinitely.  Does this exist?

AI Uniform = ["uniform1","uniform2","uniform3"];  (This will also be the case for Vests, Weapons, Headgear, Magazine Items, Backpacks, Tools)


AI Start Position = {12345,12345,12};
Pause = 10  //time in seconds that AI pauses in this location
AI Next Position = {12350,12350,12};
Pause = 10  //time in seconds that AI pauses in this location
Speed = "Normal"

Movement = "DISABLED"    // Enabled: AI will move to cover once engaged / Disabled: AI will stay in this exact location at all times.

[  _uniform, _loadout, _behavior, _startpos, _endpos, _speed, _movement ] call Super_Dooper_AI_File

Is this making ANY sense whatsoever? LOL :) Again, I don't expect anything for free, I am MORE than willing to 'donate' to someone that can provide this level of customization in their mod OR create a script (that works with Exile Occupation or VEMF Reloaded).  Thanks all!


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