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[Resolved] Figured it out :)

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As is always the way, soon as I posted asking for help... I figured out the issue :)


Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me with this please.

It seems that any chages made to: "server_exile_config > config.cpp" don't have any effect on the server. [Example:] I tried to reduce the amount of vehicles that spawn on restart. So I changed: "vehicleGridSize" to 3000 and "vehiclesGridAmount" to "1", but the amount of vehicles on the server stayed the same. So I tried going the other way to see if that had any effect, this time "vehiclesGridSize" 1000 and "vehiclesGridAmount" 6... but still, the number of spawned vehicles is the same!

Am I missing something here, is there a config or file that overrides this one, or something else that needs to be changed as well???

I'm completely lost :(

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