1.0.2 "Kohlrabi"

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  • 8G Bullet Cam
  • Compatibility with Arma 1.64
  • Bug fixes, but still not bug-free
  • Much wow, so Exile

Admin Info

  • No database changes required
  • Update the BE filters / scripts.txt
  • Update the XM8.dll / XM8.so
  • Update the exile.bikey
  • Update exile_server/exile_server_config.pbo
  • Be sure to add the 8G ammunition to your loot tables and traders
  • Add the vehicle spawn settings to your mission config


  • Added: Flags of Scotland and Estonia
  • Added: Possibility to code and send custom notifications to the Exile Mod XM8 app via SQF only (Requires whitelisting from us)
  • Fixed: A problem where quad bikes and regular bikes would still warm you up in cold climates - thx to @John for pointing out
  • Added: 8G Bullet Cam
  • Added: Ammunition and fuel randomization when spawning a vehicle in the world on server boot. Check the settings below! - thx for @GamingAtDD on Twitter for the idea
  • Fixed: Possible client crash to desktop when joining a server - Please tell us if it helped you!
  • Added: Arma 1.64 compatibility
  • Added: Prototypes of hunting, farming and fishing (Will be finished later!)
  • Fixed: A very exotic glitch where one could access locked safes - thx to @John Lemon for reporting

Vehicle Spawn Settings

This goes into your mission config, CfgSettings / VehicleSpawn:

 * If "randmizeFuel" is set to 1, vehicles will spawn with randomized
 * fuel. In this case, "fuel" controls the percentage of fuel that
 * can be in the vehicle at a maximum. For example, if you set this to
 * 0.5, then vehicles will spawn with something random between 0% and 50%.
 * If "randomizeFuel" is set to 0, all vehicles will spawn exactly the 
 * fuel percentage defined in "fuel". For example, setting this to 0.5
 * will spawn all vehicles with 50% fuel. Setting it to 0 would spawn
 * all vehicles without fuel.
randomizeFuel = 1;
fuel = 1;

 * Works exactly the same as the fuel setting ^
randomizeAmmo = 1;
ammo = 1;


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