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Looking for someone to do  a one off set up for my TS3 server.

I will pay £30 for this. 

Only want people who know what they are doing. 

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30 £  for setup a ts3 !!! 
someone say its

a small amount
exactly amount
too much amount

the question is what u will setting up? 

only channellist
channellist with a small righsystem(servergroups)
channellist with a full rightsystem ( see end )

if i look to my ts3 server i can say 30 £  is good when u set it up with channellist a small righsystem

i have my ts3 server since 4 years and ya it give still missed rights on my server, and i working with all ts3 rights






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Do you still need assistance? I'm more than happy to lend a hand, the price would be what you feel I deserve (if any) 

I have previous experiences with my personal teamspeak, 3 other friends teamspeaks. 


I have exeprience with individual channel permissions, auto kick timer, server group permissions (ie tag add power, remove power, auto kick for guests etc) 

Family of channel user limits     I have in depth experience with the whole of teamspeak pretty much

I'm willing to give up my time for anyone who requires help so feel free to ask me a question, PM or not if you're having any issues with your computer, teamspeak, game server, steam etc. I have experience with Unturned, a small amount with Ark, I'm also willing to learn in order to lend a hand :D

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58 minutes ago, Flosstradamus said:

I literally googled "how to whitelist on teamspeak" this was the first link


I believe that's only for the server query, with which would assist if the query tool is being banned, it's poosible to "up" the points need to ban or flood on the server, which I believe would've assisted alot

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