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MOCAP Melee Issues


After installing MOCAP Melee on my server i was trying to figure out how can i make it working in safe zone as it does not have any bullets or something in air that we can remove with the exile safe zone script. If anyone was able to configure it properly please let me know. Also for Scripters information is available that MOCAP Melee has 2 modules available which once activated can disable all the animations .



Modules are Disable Grab and Disable Takedown.

Module names : MOCAP_disable_fighting and MOCAP_disable_grabs. Is there any ways i can activate this modules if they are inside the trigger area itself of safe zones. I am trying my hard but while in safe zone people are able to kill each other and plus can even kill Traders and loot their body which results in spam of items as traders are spawned client side and people can pick up from there inventory. I tried doing with my Trader in Safe Zone , killed him with Melee and than i took all his stuff from his body. And sold to him itself while he was dead. Later on in 2 minutes , i left the server and came back he was back alive so again i killed him looted him and traded items with the same dead body. This is way annoying of this wonderful mod which is not even caring it support for community.



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