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Exile-Tanoa-Bug need help



first sorry for my english , i doing m y best.


i have some bugs and i wanna ask if something i do is wrong or how i can fix it 

fisrt , this is my server info:  

Client SIde mod needed:

  • Exile
  • zombie and demons
  • CBA_A3
  • Niarms 


  • Infistar
  • DMS 
  • IA occupation
  • enigma revive ( not work at 100% for now dont know why)
  • ExileZ
  • try another IA mod like : a3_vemf_reloaded and Fums (fums not working)
  • Tanoa


Bug i have:

  • With DMS and Ia occupation:  
  1.  Roaming helicopter work ones every two times  and roaming boat not working at all, how i can fix it ? ------------
  2. and how i can change difficulty from the IA or just the accuracy of the IA ?
  • Bug in general :      
  1. Sometime when the player try to get in a vehicles , hes freezing and cant do nothing , just disconnect and reconnect and fuck the car lolll
  2. FPS crash , can i have something in the serverside to help the player with our FPS ,?with the IA , mission spawn and zombie hordes is horrible 
  3. The tent , the base crate and the safe kit are persistant but all was inside ar not , so after a restart all the object in a tent,crate,safekit, disapears , how fix that ? (important)

ACE3 mods

I wanna fix all bug before that,  i know is having alot of post about this mods , but someone can help me to know how i can install ACE3 in my server  and what i can put , what is working and what is not working.

i know the medical not working , some says the balistic works but  when i trow a grenade , fragmentation not working.

How i can install it :  becuse i try to put ACE3 like a normal mods , all the files and add ACE3 in the start line , but all player can enter without it ..........and how i can make it to all player having the sames settings.



i think is done , hope you can help me  and thanks to everyone that are taking the time to help.

hope all is clear. 


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3 answers to this question

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I would recommend doing everything back from scratch and not installing the things who didn't work this time.

Give EnigmaRevive a look once everything else works correctly, you might have forgotten a step in the installation.

The most essential advice I can give you is add what you want ONE BY ONE and every time checking if the thing you just installed works correctly.

For your AI problems you might want to check the config of the script. Maybe you need to enable something there. If you still can't figure it out, ask help in the topic discussion of the addon itself, they might be able to help you.

Good luck!

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yeah thats its for mod , i work in 


but with the general bug like all hte object inside a tent , crate or safe kit disapear after a restart , how i can fix that ? 

why we are using this object if we cant keep somes object inside loll

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