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New player here. I downloaded the mod yesterday (v1.0.1) and played for about an hour on a PVE server. I am confused about a few things mind you.

First I've tried filtering the Arma3 main game server browser on "exile pve" and gotten 9 matches. This seemed strange, so I tried the server browser in the launcher and it gave me 100+ servers, much better. I double-clicked on some, the ones that were not on the list of the main game executable, and the Exile mod had a red strikethrough line through it, as if the version was different, though 1.0.1 was listed, the same as the one I had downloaded. Nevertheless I tried to connect and it worked. Is this normal?

Then, concerning rules. I thought I'd see some information in the in-game map, in the briefing or someplace, where people usually put a game manual or pointers. But there was nothing there. I checked Untug's stickied newbie guide and the wiki, and still couldn't find any info about death. I suppose that we drop everything on our corpse and get a shiny new orange suit to jump with? How long does the corpse stay there, if it even does? Do assets like cars and houses go poof, or are the codelocks cleared, or do they remain locked waiting for me to return?

During the hour I spent there, looting Sofia and driving through the countryside, I didn't see any AI bandit nor a zombie, I guess all this is configurable by a server admin?

When I lock my car with a codelock, does it lock all doors as well as the trunk, or the doors only?

Also, I've seen some chat messages about some new tasks being available, and saw some markers on the map. But there is no list of tasks in map window, and I don't know how to get more information on said tasks (what to do exactly, how long till it expores, etc.).



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Welcome to Exile!

The short of it is this; the server owners can HEAVILY modify Exile in any way they please so the answer to a lot of your questions would be down to the server configuration.

Speaking of default Exile though, here's my answers as best as I can provide (people, please correct me if I get something wrong).....

  • Exile is meant to be a PvP experience, you'll find some PvE servers but they are few and far between.
  • Red Strikethough?  I don't have this personally, it's possible that your client has misread the version or something?  If it works then you should be fine though. If in doubt, re-download it or use A3 Launcher to verify the files.
  • Rules are COMPLETELY up to the server owner, some people put it on a website, some put it in the XM8, some have them come up as welcome messages on screen as you log in. Sorry, can't help with this one.
  • Bodies by default stay for 15 minutes after death and are deleted at that time. This is also configurable by the server owner but most don't. Everything will stay on your corpse until it is deleted then it's all gone. Get back to your corpse and hit "take all" then manually pick up anything that it didn't grab.
  • Houses?  If you BUY the territory, it will stay as long as you pay your maintenance. If you forget to pay, poof! it's all gone at next restart.
  • Cars?  If you get one of the "spawner" vehicles without a lock then it'll disappear at restart. If you buy one or your server admin has added in the mod to allow "claiming" of vehicles with a code lock then they'll stay exactly where you left them at restart.
  • Also with cars, if you don't touch them for a set period of time (can't remember how long, might be 14 days?) then they are cleared from the DB. Once again, this is server customisable.
  • AI Bandits?  Depends on whether the server owner has implemented Occupation, A3XAI or some other roaming AI system. Not all do.
  • Zombies?  Depends on whether the server owner set up a zombies mod on top of Exile, most don't and it's not part of the base Exile system.
  • Locking the car locks the whole thing, same with unlocking.
  • Not sure about that chat thing, sounds like a variant or alternative to the DMS mission system, possibly even something like Exile Reborn. Anyone want to comment on this one? I haven't experienced anything other than VEMf, DMS and Occupation myself.

Right, hopefully that answered most of your questions. remember - it's fully customisable by the server owner so I've got NO idea what they've actually implemented.

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If you want to be sure you are going to connect to an Exile server without an issue, get a3launcher at That will automatically start whatever mods the server is using. You can also easily filter for servers running the Exile mod and then search for "PVE". As you can see from the screenshot, there are lot of servers that fulfil that requirement:


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