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Added a trader city and want to remove it and the serverside city wont go away



I created a trader city for the Tanoa airport. After copying over the script from the editor and verifing everything was in there except traders, I noticed in another file that there was a Lifou Traders camp commented out. So I uncommented it out and let the server run. After a while I logged back in the game, and there was a new trader camp at the airport by the end of the runway. So I said ok, that one works.


So I removed all the lines containing my trader area. I'll move it to another area or island or something. I noticed there wasnt a locker in the new trader area so I moved my lockers to the ariveal and departure waiting areas in the airport. So after removing the lines in the initPlayerLocal and initServer files. And placing 2 locker lines with new coords. I was like great. All I should need to do know is restart the server.

So I restarted the server and the traders I put in is still there, no lockers moved or anything.

How can I get that camp to stop spawning or showing up in mulitplayer?


Any help would be appreciated.

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2 hours ago, kuplion said:

Did you rePBO your mission file with the new changes?

Yes I did, but I figured out what it was, when you asked that. I had uploaded it to the wrong folder. I guess that is what I get from coming home from a 6 hour drive and playing on the computer at 130 in the morning. lol


Thank you for getting me to double check. its fixed now.

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