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OK, since the release of infistar version 059, i can't get logs to create anymore. I replaced the .dlls and merged any changes to the infistar config. Anyone else having this issue. I have recreated the folder for the logs several times. Below is the setting for the file in infistar. The logs have always worked untill this update. Any suggestions would be appreciated


    Author: Chris(tian) "infiSTAR" Lorenzen
    Contact: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Copyright infiSTAR - 2011 - 2016. All rights reserved.
    Christian (Chris) L. (infiSTAR23@gmail.com) Developer of infiSTAR
    Arma AntiHack & AdminTools - infiSTAR.de
    UPDATEEMAIL for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is:
    Last download was on:
    '02-Sep-2016 22-01-26';
class Cfg_infiSTAR_settings {
    "serverCommandPassword" is serverCommandPassword - in your servers config.cfg
    if your config.cfg does not have serverCommandPassword yet, simply add it in a new line:
    serverCommandPassword = "changeme";
    This is   VERY IMPORTANT   as it is needed to KICK & BAN people.
    It will try to get this password from "@ExileServer\addons\exile_server_config" first. If you did not set a password there (config.cpp),
    then it will take what you put here.
serverCommandPassword = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";

    "passwordAdmin" is passwordAdmin - in your servers config.cfg, needed for servercommands from client
    This is used to be able to use the "login" function ingame. Will log you in as Arma "Admin".
passwordAdmin = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
/* serverCommandPassword and passwordAdmin should always be different passwords or it could cause problems! */

/* "_OPEN_ADMIN_MENU_KEY": Key to open the menu (google DIK_KeyCodes (0x3B is F1))   */
HIDE_FROM_PLAYERS = true;                /* So no normal can see it :)! */
announce_adminstate_changed = false;    /* whenever you type !admin as an admin it will announce that you logged out or in to all players on the server! */
use_html_load_on_adminmenu = true;        /* default and recommended is TRUE. infiSTAR updates and news are announced in the top right corner when you open the AdminMenu if this is true! */

    "" is the Arma3Server directory
    "infiSTAR_Logs/" would be a folder called "infiSTAR_Logs" within your Arma3Server directory.
    You need to create the defined folder if it doesn't exist. If you don't create it - the DLL won't be able to write any Log files ! ! !
LOG_PATH = "infiSTAR_Logs/";


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I'm going to bump this up, as I had this problem with 059 too. I updated to 060 today and I'm having the same problem. Logs are not being generated. Here's the section of the config:

LOG_PATH = "infiSTAR_Logs\";

The folder "infistar_logs" exists in the root of the server and logs are not being written although the database is being written to. 

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51 minutes ago, williamv1999 said:

Fixed it by turning off database logging. Evidently it won't write both logs at same time

I hope that is just an oversight. I really like having both. I can keep a history in my database and my admins can check the logs on the server.

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