[Problem] How to add a new variable ?

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Hello everyone,

I'm not an expert for scripting but I'm actually working on a project on my server and I need to add a new variable to the exile mod. The new variable is like a new money. So I have multiple questions, if someone can help me with that or give me some advice, it will very appreciate.

1) Is it possible to add a new variable to my server ? I created a new table in the database who work actually fine because the new money decreases and increases like I want. But I tried to declare that money in 2 files in the server side pbo (ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf  and ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf) and after that, load it in client side (in a statut bar) but It doesn't work because the value stay to 0, never increase and doesn't synchronize with the database. If someone can tell me what I made wrong or what I missed ?


2) Is there another way to get a value from the database in the client side ? I don't know if I need to use a new variable or if I need to use "publicVariableServer" and "publicVariableClient" ?


I really hope someone can help me with that, I will really appreciate it. 

Thank you in advance


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