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A3XAI / Tanoa - NO AI Spawning


I can't seem to get A3XAI to spawn any Static Infantry AI or Dynamic Infantry AI on Tanoa.

I've remove all other AI mods. Done a fresh install of A3XAi. Am monitoring the server by using Infistar which allows me to see AI on the map and gives me a total number of AI on the server.  The AI choppers and vehicles are spawning just fine so I know the mod is active and doing something.

From my logs:

14:26:50 "[A3XAI] Initializing A3XAI version 0.2.1 using base path A3XAI."
14:26:50 "[A3XAI] Compiling A3XAI functions."
14:26:51 "[A3XAI] A3XAI functions compiled."
14:26:51 "[A3XAI] Loaded all A3XAI settings in 0.0329971 seconds."
14:26:51 Client: Nonnetwork object 3fabd000.
14:26:51 Client: Nonnetwork object 3fabd300.
14:26:51 "[A3XAI] A3XAI settings: Debug Level: 0. WorldName: tanoa. VerifyClassnames: true. VerifySettings: true."
14:26:51 "[A3XAI] AI spawn settings: Static: true. Dynamic: true. Random: true. Air: true. Land: true. UAV: false. UGV: false."
14:26:51 "[A3XAI] A3XAI loading completed in 0.034996 seconds."


14:52:23 "[A3XAI Monitor] [Static:0][Dynamic:0][Random:10][Air:2][Land:5][UAV:0][UGV:0]"


My guess ( if I had to make one) would be that A3XAI is not able to determine locations for the AI spawns:

//Enable or disable static AI spawns. If enabled, AI spawn points will be generated in cities, towns, and other named areas.

 //Enabled: A3XAI automatically generates static spawns at named locations on map. Disabled: No static spawns will be generated. (Default: 1)


Anyone else having this problem and if so did you find a solution?

I know A3XAI is get older every day but I'd still like to see this issue fixed until Occupation can mature a bit more.

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