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Changing Safes


I am just wondering if there is any way to increase the amount of tabs a safe can hold and possibly make more items (certain crates that I want to add to vendors) persistent and working with the current building system. If anyone knows an answer or how to do these it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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i know how change the number of amount on the bank 


in your mission .PBO  ,  open  your confing.cpp and search for locker ,   cahnge the number amount  and voila 

play and have fun



class CfgLocker 
    numbersOnly = "0123456789";
    maxDeposit = 100000;

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Yes you can change the amount a safe can store

You need to overwrite two files, one server and one client


I copied the files into my PBO and then added a custom code overwrite in the config.cpp file

 ExileClient_gui_inventory_updatePopTabControls = "custom\safes\ExileClient_gui_inventory_updatePopTabControls.sqf";
 ExileServer_system_money_network_putMoneyRequest = "custom\safes\ExileServer_system_money_network_putMoneyRequest.sqf"; 

if you look in the two files you will find a line "_maximumPoptabsLoad = _maximumLoad * 10;" & "_maximumCapacity = _maximumLoad * 10;"

Safe size is 3000, so * 10 = 30,000. So just change the * 10 to what ever you want

This changes the pop tab limit for everything, not just safes

Hope that helps

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