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Hey folks,

I've added Zeus to my Tanoa map and after updating the server to 1.0.1, I get the following exeption:

RemoteExec Restriction #0 "Hit" 2:1771 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer - "[_this,"bis_fnc_curatorrespawn",false] call bis_fnc_mp;"

multiple times, with different numbers. For Example:

#0 "Hit" 2:1778
#0 "Hit" 2:1214
#0 "Hit" 2:1192

and so on..

I've created the following filter:

!="Hit" 2:1771 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer - "[_this,"bis_fnc_curatorrespawn",false] call bis_fnc_mp;"

but every time the number changes, I have to set up a new filter, so I want to do a regex there, like:

!="Hit" 2:/[0-9]/ Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer - "[_this,"bis_fnc_curatorrespawn",false] call bis_fnc_mp;"

but I don't know the correct syntax :/

Would be nice, if someon of you could help me  :$

Thanks :)

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