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We will be needing staff to help this project get up and rolling! Please read below for more info

Hello and thank you all for taking your time to read this post. First i would like to start off by saying this is a "community ran exile server" this server will be established based on the survey you guys will take. A few friends and i had the idea of starting an exile server, we know that for the server to become popular it needs to be different from the hundreds of other servers. We do have the resources to start this community but before investing time/money we would like to hear your guys ideas. To make this the best server possible i will be posting a link below to a survey you can take to help us decide how we can make this server as popular as possible. The survery will also ask if you are planning on joining the server so that we can kinda get a "head count".

Survey: The survey will ask:

-What type of map you would like to see

-What mods you would like to see

-What scripts you would like to see

-what the starting money should be

-Should there be a respect system to buy certain vehicles/weapons

-what the community name should be

-any other info you would like to add

-would you like to sign up for staff

-would you join this server

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