How come rocket launchers are spawning so much? (changed loot table in my server files)

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So I went to my server config file and replaced a few things with rocket launcher stuff for military zones (i didnt add any lines, just replaced them)
and i set the percentage from 12% for teh cans/ toilet paper etc  to about 0.05% drop give or take .03% for the launchers stuff.

Now pretty much all of the loot at military zones are rocket launcher stuff lol. anyone know why and how i can change it?

Here is a pic of the numbers:Capture.JPG


Capture 2.JPG



Did i set the percentage wrong? Does it matter that they are at the top of the list? And what does the yellow number on the left mean? does changing the green number even effect the percentage? If not how do i change the percentage?


Im so confused, sorry for my ignorance im new to this


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