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Looking for a way to override repairing vehicles in combat


So our server  is pretty zombie/ AI mission heavy and we really need a way to  allow users to repair vehicles  in combat. I've see the config setting on the client but I am unsure how to override it from the server. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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2 answers to this question

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  • Overwrite ExileClient_action_execute.sqf
    • This is done in config.cpp
  • Change line #20 in the above file to:
    • _actionConfig = missionconfigFile >> "CfgExileDelayedActions" >> _actionName;
  • Create a file named CfgExileDelayedActions.hpp
  • Open update config.cpp and at the top put this line:
    • #include "CfgExileDelayedActions.hpp"
    • make sure the file is in the root of your mission.pbo or update the path

You can also change things like how long it takes to repair/hotwire/steal flag/hide a body/plant charges.

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