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Stuck in server loading screen, kicked back to server browser.


Hi guys, I have a really big issue and I really need help, I just got into editing and all I can say is that I hate it, I just want to have a dedicated server to play with my friend since we can't play multiplayer due to fps drops, I was just installing zombie mod/script, It took me 3 days to figure things out I still need help with it really as I don't clearly know what I am doing, never the less I managed to not get any errors server started I joined using hamachi, 5 attempts I was stuck at the loading screen and then without any error I just got placed back into the server browser just like my friend as he tried, on 6th attempt I was in the game but was stuck in the ground, could not press any buttons such as esc, after some time I got placed back into the server browser, Please help : /.

I will also give the link to the files I modified with the script.

Thank you.


This is my config file.


This is my script.txt file from BE.


This is my setpos.txt from BE.


This is my createvechicle.txt from BE.






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