What should my cfginteractionsmenu class look like for hacking safes/stopping hacking w/ laptop?

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I want to be able to hack safes, in the installation file it only gives me an example for hacking the virtual garage that i put under the "Flag" class actions which looks like this:


class HackVG : ExileAbstractAction
            title = "Hack Virtual Garage";
            condition = "call ExAd_fnc_canHackVG";
            action = "_this spawn ExAd_fnc_startHack";

But it says you can also do it for the "safe" and "laptop" classes "actions" section but i dont know what to put under those.


Does anyone know what to put there? 


Here is what it says in the installation folder:

In "config.cpp" find ("CfgInteractionMenus") and add the actions you want used. If you don't want to use a specific action e.g. hacking safe just ignore adding it.  
Available actions are  
    * HackVG -> ("CfgInteractionMenus" >> "Flag" >> "Actions" >> "HackVG")
    * HackSafe -> ("CfgInteractionMenus" >> "Safe" >> "Actions" >> "HackSafe")
    * StopHack -> ("CfgInteractionMenus" >> "Laptop" >> "Actions" >> "StopHack")


Im trying to get the "HackSafe" one and the "StopHack" one.

If anyone has this installed would you be so kind as to copy n paste what i need to put?

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