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Extremely Low Fps No Matter The Settings


I know im not the first to ask this question and i probably wont be the last, but as you can guess i have some serious fps issues.
My PC specs are:

Nividia GTX770 Overclocked - AMD A10-6800KOverclocked - 16BG Ram - Windows10 - 64Bit

In the stand alone Arma 3 Game i can max all the settings and still get 60+Fps, even in heavy action moments, I can also get a decent 40-60Fps on most other servers Still on all Max

However when i join exile servers i barely scrape 20Fps at any times (in cities and out) No matter what i change my settings to, the fps doesn't change at all.

While running the game I have Core Temp open displaying my CPU core loads and temperatures and none of them even reach 55% and the temp is well within limits(around 40*C)

Its the same story with my gpu, nothing is maxing out yet mt fps is really struggling. I know that some of the time it can also be down to server side problems, but Ive played with friends who are getting 40+Fps on worse pcs maxing out their cpus, yet mine doesnt want to come close.

For a while ive just been telling myself its server side lag, but i recently told my friend to boot up his laptop to see if it would out perform my pc, and it did, he got 3x the Fps i got everywhere, towns cities all of it, and it was running worse specs than my pc by a long shot.

Ive heard alot of people saying its down to shitty AMD CPU's which im guessing may be the cause after all the people ive asked, but i dont understand how a game can lag without even trying to stretch my pc at all :/

Any ideas or help?



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