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Unusable item corrupting player id


I encountered an odd bug while playing on the Exile Reborn KillinZed Server some days ago.

I try to explain what happend.

Me and a party member of me got into a firefight with 2 players while driving in an ifrit. My party member got killed inside the driver position. I managed to leave the car and kill both players.

I entered the driver position to drop my partner body outside and saved his gear in the ifrit and looted the players. One of them had a full ghillie jungle nato which I picked up and placed in the ifrit.

Meanwhile my group member made his way back and equipped his stuff.He tried to interact with the ghillie I got from the player but couldn't pick it up from the ifrit or from the ground where I dropped it. He relogged but still couldn't. Meanwhile I still could handle the ghillie just fine and equip it too.

He couldn't see that I equipped it tough. (naked on his screen) So I relogged with the Ghillie equipped and dropped dead on login. Trying to relog I always ended up dead on login. (Ultimately Zed had to reset my character in the database so I could log back in.)

PS: My party member could interact with the ghillie just fine after  I dropped dead with it.


tdlr: Glitched Ghillie corrupted my player ID and trapped me in a dead on login loop.

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