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Mission.sqm for Eden Editor

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Hello Guys.

We are in the testing phase of our first Exile Dedicated Server. I have a background with A3Wasteland and am still finding my way around Exile.

I am having problems editing the existing exile.altis mission.sqm file, as they all seem to have been created with the 2D Editor which is no longer available.

After importing the mission file into the 3D editor, adding items on the map, and saving it with "Binarize The Scenario File" unticked, there are no spawn points etc, and no players can connect, it just says the maximum amount of players have been reached. 0/0

If I copy the items from the 3D created file to the existing 2D file, it says "Some Text After End Of File".

Does anybody have a mission.sqm file that is compatible with the 3D Editor?

I have searched the web, and all available downloads are a year old.

I would really appreciate it.

Kind Regards


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The mission.sqm is used for markers, and player spawns. Objects and traders are placed using initserver.sqf and initplayerlocal. You should export your buildings/traders using 3den.



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