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InfiSTAR for Exile Mod

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I have an issue which I cannot figure out for some reason, it was easy on Altis Life but sort of confusing me on Exile Mod. So I decided to move to Exile Mod because Altis Life died out and I didn't feel like owning that anymore, so I wanted something new, Exile Mod. I am trying to figure out the issue with InfiSTAR, I have purchased it but when I follow the readme files, I am not getting a notification in game saying "infistar has loaded in, press F1 to access admin menu" blah blah blah. In fact, I am getting nothing. No RPT errors, no extdb errors and I can't figure out what's wrong. My UID is correct (Copy+Pasted). I can't figure out what the issue may be.


Has anyone been through this?



#Edit: Wrong section I guess. Can a moderator / administrator put this into "Anti-hack" please. Sorry about this.

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Without seeing your RPT, your file structure, etc. I can only guess. However, there's a couple of different methods that work based on the server company you're using. If one way doesn't work, try the other way (i.e. put the a3_infistar_Exile pbo in your @ExileServer/addons folder instead of running it as @a3_infistar_Exile -servermod or vice versa). Also, if your server/RCON passwords in infistar do not match what your server is running, you wont get the F1 menu.

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