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15.09.2016 20:03:09: Marc Nichols (7x.1x.5x.1xx:2xxx) feae855bb932c3c54b24b2ab999f952b - #39 "restart.paa' color='%10'/>%18:%19</t>",

count playableUnits,


Im getting this error.


this is what i have as the be filter.

!=""restart.paa' color='%10'/>%18:%19</t>",\n\n"%", \ncount playableUnits,\n_damage,\n_wallet, \n_hunger, \n_thirst, \n_serverFPS, \n_energyP""

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give this a crack to the end of line 41

!="restart.paa' color='%10'/>%18:%19</t>",/n"%",count playableUnits,_damage,_wallet,_hunger,_thirst,_serverFPS,_energyP"

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