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Questions regarding Editor with 3DEN

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Hi guys,

So, for the past few days, i've been trying to load my missions.sqm into the Editor so that I can convert it to the Chernarus map. Before I tried this, I wanted to see if the missions file would even load into the Editor. The issue i keep having is that when I try to load my mission, it keeps asking me to convert the map. If I convert, missions.sqm is wiped and nothing is placed in the Editor. This counts for all sides also.


Is anyone else facing this issue or is it just me? :\

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Hey :)

I have quite the same problem.. Iwant to edit the Altis Map in the 3D-Editor. If I just unpack the pbo and try to open it with the editor, it is in 2D Format (version=12). If I try to open & convert the mission file, I get the same result as you: everything is wiped and nothing is placed in the editor.. Opening the Exile.Tanoa map works like a charm.

Can anyone help us to convert the 2D mission file to the 3D format? Or do you have a 3D version of Exile.Altis?

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