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Someone to help set up a sever? I'll pay$$

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I am a newbie.  I paid for an Arma 3 server from Havoc Hosting.  I have tried to figure out how to configure it, and I simply can't find out how to get the server configured.  Things as simple as getting the map changed from Altis to Tanoa are beyond my capacity.


Some of the items we want are:


Map: Tanoa

Trader Spawns

Armed Heli's

Start with a couple instadocs

If we can start with some bucks in the pocket that would be nice as well


If someone is interested in being hired for this job, let me know :)



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I can do this on Monday is you dont find someone before then but ultimately you'll need to learn how to customize your server and the addons / scripts you want.

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Read the sticky.

And every add-on on this site comes with a install guide. For missions check DMS for custom Loadout read the sticky. He explains how to change the server pbo config. There you will find the settings for the loadout.

It's not like you can't find those infos if you would use the search function.

I'm scared how many people buy game server but have no idea how to use and configure them and how many people that know how to do this stuff aren't able to afford a game server.

Hah I wish I would have enough money to throw it away.

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