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BattlEye: createvehicle restriction #0

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Good afternoon, 

I have a restriction that i cant for the life of me seem to fix, im sure im doing something wrong otherwise it would of been sorted!

this is what i get in the .log: 

17.09.2016 15:23:26: G.H.O.S.T  ( 2d64bcbce5ed75528438c1bcd370b24f - #0 "M_AT" 3:122 2:64 NetworkMessageCreateHelicopterRTD [7987,12403,124] [-39,18,-3]


Ive put it in my CreateVehicle Restriction.txt like so: 




7 "" !="Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer" !="Steerable_Parachute_F" !"CMflare" !"I_UAV" !"LaserTarget" !"SLAM" !"SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo" !"DemoCharge" !"ClaymoreDirectionalMine" !"IEDUrban" !"G_40mm_" !"F_40mm_" !="Exile_Ammo_Swing" !"F_Signal" !="I_IRStrobe" !="O_IRStrobe" !="NVG_TargetG" !"WeaponHolder" !"Supply" !"B_" !"SmokeShell" !"IEDLand" !"APERS" !="O_HMG_01_weapon_F" !="O_HMG_01_F" !="O_HMG_01_support_F" !"Chemlight" !="GrenadeHand" !="mini_Grenade" !="SmokeLauncherAmmo" !="R_PG32V_F" !="Sign_Arrow_F" !="Exile_Ammo_Swoosh" !="Exile_Ammo_Boing" !="#smokesource"
1 "IEDLand"
1 "IEDUrban"
1 "GrenadeHand"
1 "mini_Grenade"
1 "SmokeLauncherAmmo"
1 "NVG_TargetG"
1 "O_IRStrobe"
1 "I_IRStrobe"
1 "F_Signal"
1 "F_40mm_"
1 "G_40mm_"
1 "DemoCharge"
1 "ClaymoreDirectionalMine"
1 "SLAM"
1 "SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo"
1 "I_UAV"
1 "O_HMG_01_F"
1 "Sign_Arrow_F"
1 "Steerable_Parachute_F"
1 "R_PG32V_F"
1 "#smokesource"
2 !="M_AT"


could anyone tell me where im going wrong please :)

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