AV Live Camera feed for the UAV (Darter)

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I know that the AV Live Camera feed has worked with Exile in the past as the YouTube video in the following thread shows. Was this option turned off in a later Exile version? Perhaps thought to be too OP? It would be great if it were left to the server owner to decide with a simple toggle on or off. I'm running a PVE server at the moment so that is not an issue. We would use it as an "Eye in the Sky", locked on to the player with thermals selected and the PIP window up. This tool simply provides better situational awareness for the player. Check the 6:00 minute mark in the video to see how this works.

Forum thread and You Tube video shows this feature in Arma 3.

Thank you for the Exile mod.

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in the description.ext of your mpmission you need to change

 showUAVFeed = 0;


 showUAVFeed = 1;


it's simply disabled on your servers :P

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