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1. For all type of structures, is it possible to have a floor gate that opens top to bottom, like a gate function as floor port door.

2. When locking a door on the structure, please let the door stay the way it is when it is locked, because what happens right now is when you lock the door, it will be automatically closed, example like floor port door can't use as a trap.(If you still don't know what I mean go check out Frankie's video on battle for the bridge)

3. Inside safe zone lots of people are stealing vehicles as soon as their owner gets off, even their owner lock the car, as long as the thrive get inside the car before they lock them, they can still go to driver and drive the car. It would be better if when you lock the vehicle, that vehicle wouldn't start. I don't know if you can change this, but if you can change it than it will be great.

4. More vehicles!

5. For base defence, please add base defences like permanent mine that will not disappear after a server restart, the mine can be expensive and its materials can be hard to find, but having this feature would be great, and of course this come along with mine detector.

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