Player based economy traders.

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On 27.3.2018 at 2:55 AM, Razzmatazz said:

but it sounds like that's really complicated

It sounds really complicated but at the end of the day, it isn't.

What is really complicated, nvm - don't call it complicated that ain't the right wording. Challenging.

Beside of the stockitem traders, it's really challenging to get a flowing economy on the server anyway, Imho most server don't provide a "good economy" at all:

  • Loot in general
  • Loot from missions
  • Vehicles (re)/spawn
  • Eventrewards
  • Supplyboxes
  • Helicrashes

We didn't even talked bout prices for X-Item, especially raiding, the effort and what you could get back when raiding.

In combination with an addon, "calcuating" prices from stock or/and respect adding new factors...wow. I mean, balancing at all is hard, with this - you have to deal, prolly on a daily base. Doing some statistically stuff, clearing traders/items "X" each days or if when items hits bla...bla.

Another point is, ppl are used to exile's unlimited stock (wich is really sad).  Joining a low pop server (90% of all exileservers) and notice you won't find what you're lookin for, indicate they're not even selling  the item lookin for (think about it).


WHAT?  No MXM?  No Strider?

We're running a system like this (stockitem by player trader) for almost 6 month and the only reason, we still have a few players around is, we have - what i would say a "pretty" good mission/loot ecco.



  • Balancing (wich is though) will be thougher...way more
  • Exileplayers are used to unlimited stock and mostly won't understand it.
  • Thinkin this will improve your server (in sense of getting more players) is wrong, you'll lose players but hopefully gain the "right" one.
  • Unless big, established servers like (insert name of all "big"  exile sever) going to use a system like this and make the community overthink the vanilla system - you're serving a niche. ARMA is a niche, especially in days of PUBG . EXILE in ARMA is another niche. We're on a dying breed...


Anyway, lookin forward to DayZSA  - i'm pretty sure we're going to have a big rule changer when they go betaaaaaaaaaaaa. 

Crazy, cuz we port stuff back - from a game , getting a mod,,  becoming his own game, making a mod out of it, unlesss amra 4 is released , wich will be based on the mod(make sense)....whuz¿



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Any updates on this? We're having trouble getting our loot system and "economy" all priced right and set. Just looking for ideas and came across this post. 

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