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Hi All

Lots of people seem to ask about this, so I thought I'd do a quick guide.

If you want to add new items into traders or to the waste dump for selling, you do the following:
Download your mission file from mpmissions (Exile.Altis.pbo, for example).
De-PBO the file so that it's now a folder
Open config.cpp (I'd recommend Notepad++ as it's easier to read than Notepad)
In config.cpp, there are 3 different bits which need doing:
Find the section lablled: class CfgExileArsenal
This section contains the prices. To add new items, just add them onto the bottom. I would recommend adding a new section in, so that when upgrades are released you can just copy the whole section instead of searching for individual items:

////// Custom Added Bits ///////// Custom Added Bits //////// Custom Added Bits ////
    // Building Stuff
	class Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull					{ quality = 2; price = 100; };
	class Exile_Item_WoodPlank							{ quality = 5; price = 20; };
	class Exile_Item_WoodDoorwayKit						{ quality = 5; price = 120; };
	class Exile_Item_WoodFloorKit						{ quality = 5; price = 80; };
	class Exile_Item_WoodFloorPortKit					{ quality = 5; price = 120; };
	class Exile_Item_WoodGateKit						{ quality = 5; price = 160; };

If you add items into this section alone, you can sell them (at the waste dump or a trader), but you cannot buy them from any of the traders.

Next, find the section labelled: CfgTraderCategories

In here, you can add them to one of the existing traders, but again, it's much more efficient to add them into a community trader so that they're easy to move on upgrades:

	class Community
		name = "Community Items";
		icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\uniform_ca.paa";
		items[] = 

Make sure that you have a comma on all but the last item in the trader list.

Lastly, find: class CfgTraders
In here, you need to add the community trader. This will make it appear in one of the shops:

	class Exile_Trader_Vehicle
		name = "VEHICLE";
		showWeaponFilter = 0;
		categories[] = 

Once that's in, you're done!

If you have multiple of the same item in the prices then you will get an error in the logs telling you so. If you miss a comma your server will not start and you'll be looking for one single comma somewhere (we've all been there!).

Good Luck!

(FYI, for those people who are going to ask why there are building materials in the trader list, it's so we can sell them. I'm not nice enough to let people buy them!)

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Great summary.   The only other thing I'm going to add is another class(?) of loot.  So in addition to just Military loot, I'm going to break it into HighEndMilitary and LowEndMilitary where the high end stuff is part of the harder missions and military bases.  Low end will be more industrial.

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