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[DB] Looking For Staff

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Staff Needed!

We are currently looking for staff members. If you are familiar with Infistar and know Exile like the inside of your pocket, or you have experience of being a Moderator or Admin from before with good references, you believe that following the rules and playing fair, good behaviour and non-abusive way of gaming is the right thing? Feel free to make a staff application and we might reply and summon you for an interview. Thank you for your time!

Want to make a application? click here!

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be 18+.
  • Over 50 hours playtime on one of our servers.
  • Speak/Write good english.
  • Dont have any current association with another community as staff.
  • Be active on teamspeak.

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hi zeppo just thought i would give this a shot 

i was a Admin on altis life server for 6 months

in that time i have learnt a lot of things about community engagement and making the players happy and also keeping them in check at the same time.

familiar with infistar etc 

rubbish at coding :( 

ps also under 18 i dont know if that would matter

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Hello Zeppo, saw this and I was looking for a new server since the one I'm currently on is closing. I do have previous experiences with being a moderator/admin (Never got a complaint about my admin/mod skills, never been an abusive staff member too). I also have used InfiStar before (Played with it on my own server for a few hours).  I know a bit of coding(I also have some hacking experience). Hope I hear back :) P.S. My English grammar is not the best but I also know German

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