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[SOLVED] enable/disable side chat

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The latest version of @infiSTAR is missing the line that disables side and global chat, i tried readding the line but the channels are still available for people to talk in. Has anyone got a solution to this issue?

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you can enable/disable those things within your server config and/or within your exile config since a few arma patches, which is why I removed it :) 


for voice the same counts but there is also still an option within infiSTAR

    if somebody talks on one of the following channels, his channel will be switched to "direct" channel
    0 = Global
    1 = Side
    2 = Command
    3 = Group
    4 = Vehicle
    5 = Direct <-- this is where people get switched too if they talk in one of the blacklisted channels!
    6-15 = Custom Radio (see radioChannelCreate)
disAllowVon[] = {1,2};

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