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Server Crash


I was wondering if anyone could help me. 

Recently my server has been crashing, i solved one of the problems which was that a helicopter was trying to spawn but it didn't exist due to mod updates so i changed that but the server crashed again this morning and i cannot figure out the reason for it as i don't really understand the RPT.

Could somebody please help me and tell me what the problem is so i can fix it? 

Part 1 of the crash logs: http://pastebin.com/QDzhpiRw

Part 2 of the crash logs: http://pastebin.com/9C4u7J7p

Thank you :D

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Wow... Uh, where to begin?

These are your errors. I've separated them with dashes. 


File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Tanoa\config.cpp, line 2262: '/CfgExileArsenal/TRYK_U_B_PCUHsW6.price': Missing ';' prior '}'

 0:40:36 "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!"
 0:40:36 "ExileServer - You have added weapons to your server that spawn in with attachments."
 0:40:36 "ExileServer - This will allow duping and money farming!"
 0:40:36 "ExileServer - To solve this, please remove the following weapons from your loot tables and trader config OR replace them with their non-attachment equivalent:"
 0:40:36 "ExileServer - ["rhs_weap_m16a4_carryhandle_grip","rhs_weap_m16a4_carryhandle_grip_pmag","rhs_weap_m16a4_grip","rhs_weap_m4_grip","rhs_weap_m4_grip2","rhs_weap_m4a1_carryhandle_grip","rhs_weap_m4a1_carryhandle_grip2","rhs_weap_m4a1_grip","rhs_weap_m4a1_grip2","rhs_weap_ak103_gp25","rhs_weap_ak103_gp25_npz","rhs_weap_ak105","rhs_weap_ak105_npz","rhs_weap_ak74m","rhs_weap_ak74m_2mag","rhs_weap_ak74m_2mag_camo","rhs_weap_ak74m_2mag_npz","rhs_weap_ak74m_camo","rhs_weap_ak74m_camo_folded","rhs_weap_ak74m_camo_npz","rhs_weap_ak74m_desert","rhs_weap_ak74m_desert_folded","rhs_weap_ak74m_desert_npz","rhs_weap_ak74m_folded","rhs_weap_ak74m_gp25","rhs_weap_ak74m_gp25_npz","rhs_weap_ak74m_npz","rhs_weap_ak74m_plummag","rhs_weap_ak74m_plummag_folded","rhs_weap_ak74m_plummag_npz"]"
 0:40:36 "ExileServer - Example: Use arifle_Katiba_F instead of arifle_Katiba_ACO_pointer_snds_F."

 0:40:53 Error in expression <cle setPosWorld (_x select 1);
_vehicle setVectorDirAndUp [_x select 2, _x selec>
 0:40:53   Error position: <setVectorDirAndUp [_x select 2, _x selec>
 0:40:53   Error Type Bool, expected Array
 0:40:53 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Tanoa\initServer.sqf, line 155

  0:41:08 Warning Message: Script \x\addons\DMS\objects\static\hotel_invasion_buildings.sqf not found
 0:41:08 "DMS ERROR :: Calling DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_Static with invalid file/filepath: hotel_invasion_buildings | _export: <null>"
 0:41:08 Error in expression < file/filepath: %1 | _export: %2",_file,_export];
private _objs = _export>
 0:41:08   Error position: <_export];
private _objs = _export>
 0:41:08   Error Undefined variable in expression: _export
 0:41:08 File x\addons\dms\scripts\fn_ImportFromM3E_Static.sqf, line 42

  0:41:09 Error in expression <iculty;
private _unit = _group createUnit [DMS_AI_Classname, _pos, [], >
 0:41:09   Error position: <createUnit [DMS_AI_Classname, _pos, [], >
 0:41:09   Error 4 elements provided, 3 expected
 0:41:09 File x\addons\dms\scripts\fn_SpawnAISoldier.sqf, line 90

  0:41:10 Error in expression <LLIDE"];
_gun setDir (random 360);
_gun setPosATL _x;
_gun lock 2;
_group addVe>
 0:41:10   Error position: <setPosATL _x;
_gun lock 2;
_group addVe>
 0:41:10   Error 2 elements provided, 3 expected
 0:41:10 File x\addons\dms\scripts\fn_SpawnAIStaticMG.sqf, line 58

 0:41:37 Error in expression <
_fn_3 = {
    _last_antiantihack_rndvar = _antiantihack_rndvar;
 0:41:37   Error position: <_antiantihack_rndvar;
 0:41:37   Error Undefined variable in expression: _antiantihack_rndvar


  • Check your config.cpp around line 2262 for TRYK_U_B_PCUHsW6. Looks like you are missing something. 
  • Fix those weapons that exile has told you fix.
  • You have an error in your initServer.sqf in your mission file, something got messed up. Looks like one of your objects being placed has a true/false in the wrong spot. 
  • Remove DMS and reinstall with the newest version. 
  • Remove Occupation and reinstall with the newest version. 
  • Remove and reinstall infiSTAR with the newest version. 
  • Set SC_processReporter in Occupation's config to false. That will remove half of your RPT spam.

Once you have fixed those, load back into your server. If it continues to crash, remove @TRYK and @CPC_TRYK as that it's more than likely what's crashing your server. 

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