These are 2 things I would really like to see addressed in future updates. 

1) Stair Death 

This is easy to recreate. Build a 1x1 tower, the more floors the easier to recreate. Turn off godmode and just run up and down it a few times. Happens a lot with concrete but, with wood I would challenge anyone to sprint down 10 floors once and not get killed. When it happens, you seem to slip while hovering and a few seconds later...... Splat! 


2) Base Parts Interaction 

If you have a locked vehicle within about 15m of a base part you might lose interaction with the base parts. Not all interaction options but, most like lock, unlock, move and remove. Doesn't happen all the time but a good percentage of the time 65/70% maybe. It's almost like the game is confused as to your cursor target. 

It can help to struggle looking at the door, at the top, at the bottom, to one side but, not very helpful if an enemy is closing in and you want to get inside quick. 

Relog seems to always fix it but, this is pretty inconvenient especially with the current lobby system or, lack of it, as it takes a while and if the server is full, you may not get back in. 

Moving the vehicle over 15m away always fixes it but, this is not an option for some players for various reasons. Also, this encourages players to build more and further than they initially wanted to which, in turn, adds more load on the server. 

I can imagine virtual garage would fix it but, I don't want player's vehicles to be that safe and I want them to think about how they lock them away... Virtual garage takes an element of gameplay out of the game imo. (Just my opinion, not a dig at the author of it..)


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